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About us

A unique approach to a car meet. Gathering local communities who share a passion of cars and networking. Always striving to find the perfect setting for the next event.

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Our initial plan was to hold a small gathering of car enthusiasts combining it with coffee and business networking. Ever since we started to organically advertise the event on Facebook, we have been overwhelmed by the number of cars sign up. The concept of doing regular meets is now becoming a reality.

Our first event took place just outside of Cambridge. Our aim was to bring something new and exciting to Waterbeach to coincide with the recent opening of Soda Bar & Bistro and Inspired Health & Fitness at the new Cambridge Innovation Park.

We arranged a BBQ served by Soda Bar & Bistro chefs as well as a DJ to set the scene.

We wanted to test the concept as a first run to see how much interest we would get. In the future we hope to add a charity spin onto our next event and a further opportunities for businesses to promote their services.